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Welcome to
Kiddies Learning Hub

A boutique Early Learning Centre, inspired by Maria Montessori's learning approach, to support young minds to become lifelong lovers of learning


About Us

Here at Kiddies, we believe in passionately nurturing growth through tailored learning. Take a look at our mission, our values, our goals.

Our Curriculum

We believe the best way in supporting young minds to develop their full potential is through play, exploring, building and friendships. 


Meet the Team

Our highly-trained and long term staff is committed in following Kiddies Learning Hub's values, mission and goals. Come in and say hi!

Happy families at Kiddies Learning Hub

"Thanks for building such a warm and encouraging environment for her."


Passionately nurturing growth through tailored learning


Practical Skills for Life

We believe a prepared child is one capable of achieving anything they set their mind to. Alongside our families, we focus on preparing our children for all aspects of life. Our mission is a lifelong love of learning, which we promote through creativity, independence and kindness.  

Feelings are Important

Through a homely and nurturing environment, we practise mindfulness, boundaries and self-expression. This allows our children the emotional support they need to face new challenges and learn positive and respectful interactions..

Whole-body Movement

Our children have ample opportunity to exercise muscles, practice balance and develop coordination. We support this through our daily activities, nature walks around the neighbourhood and visits to the park.

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