About Us

Kiddies Learning Hub uses the Montessori method together with the national Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to provide holistic learning for children. The primary purpose of the Montessori Method is assisting children to be independent in thinking and doing, and to follow the child's interests and scaffold on their knowledge. Our program gives children a head start and readiness for entry to Pre-primary or Kindy. We invite you to schedule a personal tour to discover for yourself the unique quality of our classroom.


Our Vision

Our vision is to give each child the best possible start in life. We believe in the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and our part in that is to prepare them for Pre-primary or Kindy. We want to create a life-long love of learning. We want them to grow, explore and be inquisitive. We want them to ask questions and be exposed to as much information about our wonderful world, and not be afraid to try new things or make mistakes, after all, it’s such a vital part of learning!We are there to care for them, help them, keep them safe and answer all their questions. We want to assist them form friendships, be self-confident, be independent and be themselves. We want to work with parents to unite our goals, so we can tailor our teaching to each individual child.


Our Mission

We are passionate about being a positive influence on little children's lives, which we will use to achieve our vision by observing the child, taking note of their interests, and working with the parents to tailor each child's learning to their readiness, ability and pace.

Our Goal

To develop each child’s natural curiosity
To encourage each child to be independent
To create a happy and fun environment for children and staff
To develop a love of learning, provide knowledge and encourage creativity in each child
To be adaptable to our children's interests and needs
For our educators to be great role models to children
To provide a reliable source of care for families
To teach children kindness and empathy
To develop mutual respect between teachers and children
To provide information for families
To have constant communication between staff and families for seamless transitions
To provide a well-rounded Montessori philosophy
To carry out our curriculum using great teaching methods
To provide continuous development for our staff
For staff to work together to create the best possible care