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We understand this is a huge decision, and we believe that it is extremely important to make the right childcare choice for both your child and your family, so at Kiddies Learning Hub we want you to come for a visit of our classroom before making your decision. For this reason we don't provide enrolment forms on the website, but we will email it to you afterwards. To arrange a tour for your little treasure please contact admin on 0416 738 398.

Is your child ready for our Montessori? As there are 2+ to 5 year olds mixed in together, there are some criteria we require to ensure a calm, safe environment. Your child shall have stopped putting inappropriate things into their mouth, as we have small parts like marbles. Your child shall be able to understand and follow simple instructions in English. Your child shall be able to get along in a social setting, not hitting, pushing , biting etc. Children are free to play with the materials in the room, but they must be able to do so calmly while we are working with other children. Obviously children are still learning and there will at times be incidences, however these need to be seldom as opposed to often. Children will be encouraged to feed themselves (we will assist with the last few spoons, help with opening & closing containers etc.). Children do not have to be toilet trained to join our Centre.