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KLH Fees and Childcare Subsidy

Subject to availability, we offer flexible session times. Our Centre Director will work with you to learn what will work best for your family. We also accept casual bookings from families who are currently enrolled.

Kiddies Learning Hub fees are charged on a fortnightly basis, with a flat day rate. Your out-of-pocket daily cost will vary depending on your Child Care Subsidy (CSS) entitlements. 

Child Care Subsidy (CCS) is available to families who are Australian Residents/Citizens. To find out about eligibility, families must contact the Family Assistance Office. It is the family’s responsibility to provide the correct Customer Reference Number (CRN) to Kiddies Learning Hub. Any Child Care Subsidy is paid directly to the Kiddies Learning Hub and the parents are invoiced for the balance. This is known as the GAP fee.

To find out more about Child Care Subsidy and your eligibility, visit the site here.

To learn more about our fees, call our Centre at 08 6248 9133.

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